Lemon Tour - AMALFI

In Amalfi do not give a pleasant walk to the enchanting Valley of the Mills!
To feel a strong emotion, buzz walk with us in the rural area to learn about the campaign!
The tour starts from Piazza Duomo at the foot of the stairs of the Cathedral at 10.00 in the morning, and along the main street of the old town, Via Pietro Capuano, passing through the ancient walls that defined the boundaries of the town, Arch of Faenza, comes the Museum of the Paper, to continue to the Mills Valley.  At the height of the ‘old paper mill Amatruda you enter the terraces cultivated with lemon family ACETO, Via Delle Cartiere, 59.
Here along the dry stone stairways, we will see the famous “gardens”, a succession of places rich in trees of “sfusato amalfitano”, the most famous Amalfi lemon, arrived centuries ago from the East, which now boasts the recognition European Protected Geographical Indication.
A small break in the shade of an area equipped with tables and chairs allow you to taste this amazing fruit: insalta citrus, sweet lemon, lemonade, cookies and …. much more!

 From here, coming out of the lemon, you will go to visit the Museum of Rural Life Arts and Crafts, a small collection of historical pieces and documents that tell of a glorious past, which has helped to renew the glories of the ancient Maritime Republic.
Finally, we will go to the adjacent room used for the processing of these fruits, where, after the drawing on the procedure for obtaining the famous elixir, “limoncello”, will end this journey with a toast to taste our products.

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