Cooking With Lemon

If eating healthy , satisfies the palate .. What’s best in the world?
We find these features in the Mediterranean diet …
This cooking class is born by the firm conviction that our diet is unique in the world and that’s why we want as much as possible, bring our loving tourists to discover it through a day in the nature discovering authentic flavors ….
Followed by Giovanna and Ramona , lovers of Mediterranean cuisine, will you become the main protagonists, cooking with your hands the dishes cult of the Mediterranean diet, learning the basics which can then reproduce and transmit in your country …
We are waiting for you ….. Do not miss the chance to discover new things …

Lemon is an inevitable ingredient in our Mediterranean cuisine. Especially in the Amalfi Coast.
Sfusato Amalfitano lemons is one of the most valuable and can be excellently used both in confectionery, both as a base for many recipes but also for the production of Limoncello.
We will teach you all the secrets of the traditional recipes and also discover alternative ways of using it in the kitchen every day.

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